About Us

Our Vision

AgingCT is a statewide network of coordinated information, supports, and services to help Connecticut navigate their aging journey based on their care setting, preferences, and needs.

AgingCT – A Powerful Collaboration

Phone Support

AgingCT offers seamless connection to any available Service Navigator regardless of the region.


AgingCT coordinates training to offer the same service level at all locations.

Computer Support

AgingCT provides uniform intake and reporting with the ability to identify areas of weak utilization.

Subject Matter Experts

Aging CT assigns cases to Subject Matter Experts with areas of specialty to help clients with complex issues.

Purpose Statement

AgingCT connects Connecticut’s older and vulnerable adults to the long-term care services and supports needed to maximize independence and promote positive health outcomes.

Aging Answers

Connecticut Residents Need Answers!

Finding long-term care, supports and services is complicated. Similar to healthcare, long-term care is difficult to navigate.

Recommendations and resources depend on several factors: personal preferences, financial resources and eligibility, and the level of care needed.

Sometimes a list or a website just isn’t enough. When you have questions call on Aging Answers.

Facilitating Pathways – No Dead Ends

No one wants to hear, “That’s not my department” when seeking help. Aging Answers gets it right – with a unique triage system and connections to the Department of Social Services, the State Unit on Aging, and federal and municipal resources. We offer the most comprehensive guidance and access to support.

Integrating – Not Replicating

Connecticut’s information systems help residents navigate support and services. The United Way’s 211 hotline offers lists and referral resources for savvy clients. However, the typical client does not know what type of services they need – skilled versus custodial, agency versus self-hired? Many clients are surprised to learn they may be responsible for the cost of in-home care. Aging Answers helps clients navigate a payment source.

Building Capacity – Not Complications

MyPlaceCT offers instruction and examples of typical home community-based services. Financial eligibility is described in general terms. Aging Answers could complement MyPlaceCT to offer the one-to-one consultation needed to make informed decisions.

Social Determinants of Health and Healthcare Outcomes

Nutrition, healthcare access, housing, assistive technology, caregiver supports, personal connections and economic security are essential to the health and well-being of a person. AgingCT provides access to many of the social determinant interventions that support healthy aging.

Promoting Equity

Not all communities receive equal access to care and long-term supports. AgingCT will use a data mining system to identify underserved communities and focus outreach to enhance and provide access to people in these communities.

Click on your region to visit your Area Agency on Aging’s website or view the list below. You may also download the PDF map to find your town within the region.

1. Agency on Aging of South Central CT (Greater New Haven and lower Naugatuck Valley)

2. North Central Area Agency on Aging (Hartford and Tolland Counties)

3. Senior Resources Agency on Aging (New London, Middlesex and Windham Counties)

4. Southwestern CT Agency on Aging (Fairfield County)

5. Western CT Area Agency on Aging (Litchfield, Fairfield, and New Haven Counties)

If you are unsure of your region, please call 800-994-9422 for assistance.

Agency on Aging of South Central CT

Greater New Haven and lower Naugatuck Valley

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North Central Area Agency on Aging

Hartford and Tolland Counties

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Senior Resources Agency on Aging

New London, Middlesex and Windham Counties

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Southwestern CT Agency on Aging

Fairfield County

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Western CT Area Agency on Aging

Litchfield, Fairfield, and New Haven Counties

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